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You do not need to have read "The Harbinger", or watch the embedded video of the author Jonathan Cahn detailing it, in order to fully enjoy the interactive adventure developed within the pages of this site. However it is an insightful book penned by an inspired writer and we highly recommend it. The embedded video is from the Sid Roth YouTube channel in which he interviews Jonathan Cahn who recaps some of the prophetic keys highlighted in The Harbinger:

Part 2

For those who did read The Harbinger and wished it hadn't ended, but had instead continued on revealing even more prophetic keys, the following is intended to engage the reader in an adventure a bit like that of the fictional character Nouriel Kaplan - rather than standing aside as an observer - but with the prophets Daniel and John as your guides with additional aid from some of those great men of God of the Reformation. As in Nouriel's experience some details of scripture will be highlighted that the reader may not have previously noticed or considered, while developing an understanding of apocalyptic Bible prophecy, that can be confirmed mathematically in conjunction with the historical record.

At least one quarter of the Bible consists of prophecy, much of which has been fulfilled, demonstrating the veracity of the scriptures and the unseen hand of our great Creator that inspired them. The Bible contains many mysteries, some of which result from the figurative language used in dreams and visions in prophecy. As indicated by the Reformers quoted in the following many prophecies remained mysteries, until the prophecy was fulfilled which could then be understood through hindsight, as in the examples that we will explore in these pages.

Perhaps the compelling interest sparked by these passages, and endless discussion that results over various interpretations of the figurative language used therein, is why the Lord included these prophetic dreams and visions in scripture - to keep His people engaged and enlivened through thousands of years of pouring over the scriptures in search of answers.

Let's begin by exploring one of Daniel's prophetic dreams, which are among the most mysterious and variously interpreted in all of scripture, and no wonder since the book of Daniel closes with:

Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, [even] to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Which is confirmed as having been accomplished:

Daniel 12:9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words [are] closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

Thus any interpretation of the book of Daniel that was arrived at prior to the "time of the end" would necessarily be incomplete and therefore unreliable. Matthew Henry and Isaac Newton for example, certainly recognized this, while understanding that Daniel's "time of the end" was yet in their future:
(URL) In Matthew Henry's commentary: "VI. That this prophecy of those times, though sealed up now, would be of great use to those that should live then, v. 4. Daniel must now shut up the words and seal the book.....
He must seal the book because it would not be understood, and therefore would not be regarded, till the things contained in it were accomplished.....
Then this hidden treasure shall be opened, and many shall search into it, and dig for the knowledge of it, as for silver.
Those things of God which are now dark and obscure will hereafter be made clear, and easy to be understood. Truth is the daughter of time. Scripture prophecies will be expounded by the accomplishment of them; therefore they are given, and for that explication they are reserved."

Sir Isaac Newton: "This Prophecy is called the Revelation, with respect to the scripture of truth, which Daniel was commanded to shut up and seal, till the time of the end. Daniel sealed it until the time of the end; {Daniel 12:4, 9} and until that time comes, the Lamb is opening the seals:....
All which is as much as to say, that these Prophecies of Daniel and John should not be understood till the time of the end: .... But in the very end, the Prophecy should be so far interpreted as to convince many." (Part II. Observations Upon the Apocalypse of St. John. Chap 1)

A considerable amount of Christian era history has passed since those great men of God made those declarations, and the following pages will demonstrate with stunning historical and mathematical precision that the book of Daniel may have indeed been unsealed confirming that today we may well find ourselves in Daniel's prophesied "time of the end". This regards prophecy of God's impending judgment, not just on a single nation as detailed in The Harbinger, but rather His final judgment on the whole world.

Let's begin our journey by investigating one of Daniel's Old Testament prophetic dreams by clicking on this link to page 2.