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Battle of Tours France
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That's right. It calculates to = 732.9 AD.  

A quick Yahoo search determines that 732 was the year of The Battle of Tours, France.  This battle was fought exactly 100 years after Mohammed's death.  The Battle of Tours is considered by many Christian to be the most important battle of the entire Christian era, and the reason we aren't all speaking Arabic and prostrating ourselves toward the Quraish pagan's black stone idol in Mecca five times a day.  Charles "Martel" (the hammer), against astronomical odds, defeated the Islamic army, and the spread of Islam, in its near conquest of the whole known world, as it headed up through Europe during the Islamic First Jihad.  Indeed fortunate was he who patiently waited and made it through the First Jihad, without converting to Islam, or denying our Lord and Savior. Again:

Tanach:   Dan 12:12: Fortunate is he who waits and reaches days of one thousand, three hundred, and thirty-five.

This epic battle was the turning point marking the zenith of the Islamic onslaught delivering the mortal wound to the spearhead of the invading forces, and killing the literal head of the advancing army Emir Abd er Rahman.  "Without his leadership and guidance, the other commanders were unable to even agree on a commander to lead them back into battle the following morning. The effect of the death of Abdul Rahman on both Islamic and world history was profound."  ".... according to one unidentified Arab, 'That army went through all places like a desolating storm.' sacking and capturing the city of Bordeaux, and then defeating the army of Duke Odo of Aquitaine at the Battle of the River Garonne where the western chroniclers state, 'God alone knows the number of the slain'[3] and Odo fled to Charles Martel, seeking help."  

Stunningly, the two math problems from Daniel launch from the shared beginning date of 583 BC and nail God's symbolic pin date for the founding of the Dome of the Rock - the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION - through Daniel's 1290, and then through Daniel's 1335 go on to pin the year of the zenith of, and death knell of, the Islamic First Jihad conquest of nearly the whole known world until stopped in Tours France!  

Daniel's 1335

Daniel's 1290

Uniting the books of Revelation and Daniel with mathematical and textual precision through John's 1260 "days" and 42 "months".

John's 1260

John's 42 months

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What was it that Isaac Newton said again? - ".....42 months, or 1260 days: and in these Prophecies days are put for years."

"This Prophecy is called the Revelation, with respect to the scripture of truth, which Daniel was commanded to shut up and seal, till the time of the end. Daniel sealed it until the time of the end; {Daniel 12:4, 9} and until that time comes, the Lamb is opening the seals:....
All which is as much as to say, that these Prophecies of Daniel and John should not be understood till the time of the end: .... But in the very end, the Prophecy should be so far interpreted as to convince many." (Part II. Observations Upon the Apocalypse of St. John. Chap 1)

There is a one day-year problem which tens of millions of Christians understand through this day-year language of prophecy - Daniel's 70 weeks. Within that problem we find a reference to "seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks". Since a "score" is 20, how many total weeks are indicated by this portion of the verse?