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Muhammad's Islamic Empire
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That's right! The kingdom that is seated on the territory that the successive kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia and ancient Greece formerly occupied - pictured on the prior page, that Daniel prophesied of - is today occupied by Iraq, Iran and Syria-Lebanon. In other words the area is ruled by the false prophet Muhammad's Islamic kingdom "beast"! While the countries are divided by manmade national boundaries, and Sunnis and Shiites even murder each other over differences in doctrine, Muhammad's followers are all perfectly united spiritually by the false prophet Muhammad and his Quran.

Occupying the same territory as those godless pagan empires of Babylon is Iraq, Medo-Persia is Iran and ancient Greece Syria/Lebanon, in the mold of slaughtering, subjugating, oppressing and persecuting non-Muslims. The map above details the result, of Islam's imperialistic conquest of the Middle East, over nearly 1400 years. Indeed conquest of nearly the whole known world during the Islamic First Jihad, until being turned back in Vienna Austria, and in the Battle of Tours France by Charles Martel "the hammer".

So what can we presume the Bible and the Quran reveal about Muhammad's religion as regards the people of the scripture book?
That Islam is: